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Discover the easiest way to sell your items locally with Netsave. Our platform ensures a safe and simple process, from listing to delivery. Connect with verified buyers in your community, and turn your unused items into earnings without any hassle. 
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1. List your item with the local delivery option. It’s the hassle-free way to sell without meeting up with many strangers who may even buy your products.

2. Once your item is sold, proceed by selecting a convenient time to meet with a vetted driver who will pick it up to drop it to the buyer.

3. After the driver picks up your item for delivery, no need to do anything else. Simply relax and wait to get paid after the delivery confirmation.
Quick & Easy Approval Process
We have a strict verification process for sellers to ensure the trustworthiness of our community. Sellers are required to provide identification documents and undergo a review process. Once completed you will have the verified badge on your seller profiles to identify that you are a trusted seller.

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With all your data and systems synced on one dashboard, you're always ahead of the situation.
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"We've hit our projected numbers and more with the ability to take action with real-time data."
-Pritom Rani, VP Sales, Cobalt

Unlock the Full Potential of Local Trading

Enjoy secure, hassle-free payment transactions directly through the platform, with funds held in escrow until the transaction is complete.
Featured listings and enhanced search options help your items get noticed faster.
Connect with a trusted local community, fostering relationships and encouraging repeat business within your neighborhood.
Experience the convenience of an intuitive platform designed to make listing and purchasing items quick and simple.
Set and track organization to individual-level goals
Monitor timelines and match them against departments
View all your data in one place at the same time
Make real-time decisions
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"Netsave made it safe and easy to reach more customers within my neighborhood. The support team is incredibly responsive, and I feel secure knowing all buyers are verified.It was very easy to navigate and quick to list my items for sale. I cannot wait to connect with more people in my town."
-Jonathan C.
"The best part about Netsave is the peace of mind. The verified buyers and secure transactions make selling so much easier and stress-free.I was excited to sell my furniture in 2 weeks when moving to my new home. I hope to sell more and earn extra cash."
- Maria S.
132 user rating
132 user rating
132 user rating
132 user rating

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